William's Page

QT Koala Stories for William.

QT Koala was born into a human family. He had a human mother and father and a human brother and sister. When it came time for him to be born the doctor had called Mrs. Jones and Mr. Jones and asked them to come to his office at the hospital for a meeting.

"There is something I need to tell you about your new baby." The doctor said.

"Is everything ok? Is he healthy?" asked Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

"He is very healthy. The only problem, is that he is not a baby", said the doctor.

"What do you mean?", asked the worried parents.

"He is a Joey", said the doctor.

"No", said Mr. Jones, "we are going to name him QT".

"QT is short for Quentin Tyler", he continued.

"I'm not talking about his name. He IS a joey. A baby Koala". The doctor explained.

The parents thought about this. They decided that it didn't really matter what their baby was, they would love him just the same. When the day finally came for the baby to arrive. They brought him home and loved him just as if he was their little boy. He had his own bedroom and crib. They had done a lot of research and talked to a veterinarian. They learned that QT would need lots of eucalyptus leaves to eat. They found a park nearby with lots of eucalyptus trees. They also planted several eucalyptus trees in their yard so he wouldn't have to eat out all the time.

He was not like your average baby. He was quite a bit smaller. He was only the size of a Jelly Bean. Mrs. Jones had to keep him in a small pouch she carried around her neck for the first few months. She put eucalyptus leaves in a blender and fed them to QT through a bottle. QT was sleep all the time, just like a human baby. But as he got older, he was still just as sleepy. He usually slept for 20 hours every day. He woke up only to eat some more food. He learned to climb trees before he could walk. He was a very good climber. He climbed much higher than Mr. and Mrs. Jones were comfortable with. He could get to the top of the trees in the neighborhood. He could climb from one tree to another without any trouble so that he could get to school, the park or almost anywhere in the city without touching the ground.

One day when he was out playing a strange dog ran down the street and started to come after him. QT was not a fast runner so he quickly ran to the nearest tree and climbed it. The dog wanted to bite QT and barked loudly at him to come down from the tree. QT could hear the dog quite clearly and understood what he was saying. The dog complained that it wasn't fair that QT could climb so high. The dog demanded that QT come down immediately so the dog could get him. QT told the dog, "no, thank you". QT tossed a dead branch down from the tree and hit the dog in the nose. This made the dog even madder. He barked even louder, "Come Down! Right Now!".