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XSS, short for Cross-site Scripting, is somewhat similar to SQL injection. To exploit a XSS vulnerability, a hacker will enter malicious JavaScript or VBScript into the input field. Now, the statement he/she just submitted will be executed on the browser of every computer that visits the website (well, sometimes, an attacker will configure the XSS attack to only execute on the browsers of certain computers.) In some cases, a XSS attack can be extremely deadly. For example, a malicious statement could make every computer that sends a request to the server send spam to an email address. Well, wouldn't it be bad if that site was popular and often visited? XSS is a very good input attack if you want to affect a large number of computers. This article is a slightly modified version of the one on my Google Site, called Lulz Hacker.


SQL (Structured Query Language) injection is a common web hacking technique. It involves entering malicious SQL commands into an input field. An example is typing stuff' or 'a'='a into the username and/or password area(s) of a login page. SQL injection can actually give a resourceful hacker access to every user account on a site! Anyway, there are two types of SQL injection: Error-based SQL injection and blind SQL injection. Error-based attacks are when hacker uses errors to get clues about how the server is responding to the SQL statements. Blind SQL injection attempts involve attacking a server when the error messages are disabled, and the malicious invader must guess what is happening behind the scenes. Again, this paragraph is an altered article from Lulz Hacker.


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