A recap of last few months…

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve even been on this thing! I’m a terrible blogger but this little corner of the net is still a special spot to occasionally visit and update. Ahem. :)

It’s now the end of March and it has been a really busy year. It’s been hard getting used to residency. Tim’s hours hover somewhere in the 80’s. Of course, it could be worse (think: surgery residency) but 80 plus isn’t great either. The upside is, feeling like a single mom has never felt so great as it does in this small town of many military wives. I’ve been incredibly blessed in meeting not just one, but several, very very nice wives and mothers whose husbands are either residents themselves (or recently were), or have been deployed once/twice/. . .five times. These are tough, strong, Christian women who are seeking to do right by their families. I have really needed that sort of example in this new phase of my life.

The other good thing about living here is that I have realized afresh how much I love being a mom. Don’t get me wrong- some days I really feel like tearing my hair out and turning in my mom badge- but on many days I’m grateful for my job and the two sweet boys entrusted to my care. That sense of identity and calling has taken me years to develop and I’m grateful that God has slowly worked in me to give me that. Becoming a mother wasn’t the easiest and most natural transition for me and it took a long time for me to quit looking wistfully back at my college days. I mean, really! Those college years were great but these mom years are much harder and thus, very good for my soul and maturity as a person. But it’s not always this sort of an epiphany. Like I said, lots of times I’m crying into the couch (or Tim) about what on earth am I doing as a mom!!

But God is working in me here in Mississippi, and I can honestly say that I am grateful for what He’s doing and I do really like it here. I’m surprised that moving to Mississippi has been such a blessing, and thankful that’s He’s taking good care of us.

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My kids make me laugh!

This is the best lion face I've ever seen a kid do!

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Stennis Space Center

We went and visited this place on a day when Timo was off work. It was free to get in and a pretty good exhibit. Grant especially enjoyed himself.

This astronaut costume is awesome!

Me and the boys

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William’s First Birthday

It’s ridiculous that it’s taken me until nearly Thanksgiving to post images from Will’s first birthday, but at least we can be thankful they’re finally up!

The look of anticipation!

Can we do this every year!? :)

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Halloween 2010

This cat reminds me of Ebenezer!

Me and the kiddos

Trying to get wiggly William to look at the camera!

A doctor like Daddy

I love this workbench!

Hanging out with Daddy

Doing a craft at the fall festival at preschool

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The boys playing copy-cat in the kitchen:

First, William got the idea to practice his new skill.

Then both boys decided to try it!

Yay for me!

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Grant discovers that Will knows how to have fun…

Thanks, Ethan, for designing our totally rad header. We love it! Kudos, as well, to you and the Grain Edit team for making it onto Design*Sponge! You can find the interview here.


Funny video of the boys chasing each other around the kitchen:

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On the Road, continued…

Before we moved, we assembled a “moving to Mississippi” driving guide. It changed a little as the week went on but I’ve posted it below so you can see what our life was like during those days. Essentially, drive, drive, drive, and drive some more. We wound up staying at a Hampton Inn every night of the trip- totally worth it for road-weary travelers! The chocolate chip cookies are the bomb!

Driving Plan

31 May – Monday
Unplug appliances, take pictures off walls (see checklist)
Finish packing for two weeks’ worth of stuff (not sure when movers will deliver our stuff to MS)
Last night sleeping in our Pomona home!

1 June – Tuesday
Moving day- movers will pack and load.
Final Cleaning, turn in keys
Stay at Comfort Inn Pomona

2 June- Wednesday
Pomona, CA to Phoenix, AZ (346 miles; approx. 5 hr, 32 min)
Hotel in Phoenix: Hampton Inn.

3 June- Thursday
Phoenix, AZ to El Paso, TX (430 miles; approx. 6 hr, 46 min)
Hotel in El Paso: Hampton Inn

4 June- Friday
El Paso, TX to Sonora, TX (380 miles; approx. 6 hr, 15 min)
El Paso, TX to Junction, TX ( 438 miles; 7 hr, 3 min)
El Paso, TX to Boerne, TX (520 miles; 8 hr, 22 min) (we ended up driving to Boerne)
Hotel in Boerne: Hampton Inn

5 June- Saturday
Boerne, TX to Lafayette, LA (441 Miles, 7 hr, 25 min)
Hotel in Lafayette: Hampton Inn

6 June- Sunday
Lafayette, LA to Ocean Springs, MS (206 miles, 3 hr, 37 min)
Stay at our new house!

Below, you will find various pictures of our drive across the country and the first few days here in MS. Enjoy!

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Summer in Review

The Move

Here are some pictures from our move. These guys were amazing! They whipped through our house and had it perfectly boxed up (with very little prior packing done by us) and loaded in the truck in under four hours! They were very friendly, professional, and FAST. It was nice to have the blessing of such service. It wasn’t exactly free- we are paying the price of signing away four years of our life to the military but it’s a nice benefit at least.

Front yard filling up

Loving the sight of all those packed boxes!

The truck

On the Road

We had a little too much fun at a McDonald’s along the way, which had a T-Rex on their front lawn.

A bright smile by Grant:

That’s it for now, but I’ll keep some of the more recent pictures coming!

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So, we are back to blogging.

After a year-long break, we decided to dust off reticular.net and try this again. We were using blogger for awhile but then they stopped ftp publishing so blogging stopped altogether. I couldn’t bring myself to blog anywhere but at reticular- this has been our family site since we were first married. So Timo fixed the things that were wrong with it and here we are. Hello, again!

We’ll be posting more pics of the kids and our life here in Mississippi. Maybe I’ll have some time to put a few thoughts down but don’t get your hopes up. With two kids and a busy husband, I feel like it’s a monumental challenge to sit down and write something. Still, I’ll try. But I know pictures mean a lot more anyway, so there’ll be those.

The project we are working on now is re-doing the boys’ room. Overall we love the house we are renting but the boys’ room had some funky wallpaper border that needed to go. It was Boston Red Sox on three walls (which was fine) but ugly brown flowers on the fourth wall. Crazy. So it all came off, along with some of the paint. So we are planning to re-paint and then we can order Will’s crib and get new bedspreads for both boys! It’ll be really cute and I’m excited about it.

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